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Dr. Paolini is a pioneer in the field of physician wellness, having created a first-of-its-kind integrative physician wellness program designed to fight physician burnout and foster physician well-being and leadership development.

Dr.  Paolini is probably the one non-MD in practice today with the deepest insight into the physician psyche. She specializes exclusively in physicians and their families. For the past 17 years she has logged thousands of hours of in-depth therapy sessions with physicians of all specialties. She is author of Inside theMind of a Physician, published in 2009, a book focused on understanding physicians and their world through the lenses of their personality characteristics, their training and the current culture and environment of medical practice.

Dr. Paolini designed the first-of-its-kind hospital-based program to address the development, integration and emotional wellness of physicians by embedding herself in their world. She rounded with hospitalists, scrubbed-in with surgeons, shadowed primary care physicians in their offices.  She joined the medical staff and took call as a clinical psychologist in the emergency department, being there—sometimes in the middle of the night—working alongside physicians as they responded to emergencies. 

She learned how the culture of medicine mitigates against self-care and about the reluctance of physicians to seek help no matter how severe the psychological pain and stress they experience. She was determined to be visible in as many venues as possible so physicians would come to know her as a human being and so that she could come to know them, their world and their language.

An outside review of Dr. Paolini’s Florida Hospital program, conducted by Jeffrey T. Jernigan, PhD published in February 2013, provided hard data on one cost dimension of physician burnout–the cost to the hospital or health system of replacing physicians. That one cost-avoidance factor alone showed a 10-dollar return for every dollar spent on Dr. Paolini’s program.

About Dr. Paolini

Dr. Herdley Paolini gained national attention by creating the first-of-its-kind integrative physician wellness program designed to fight physician burnout and foster physician resiliency, well-being and leadership development to support the patient service mission of the organization.

Part of the model is a hospital-based practice exclusively for physicians and their families operating from a holistic perspective. Equally important is a program to influence both individual as well as organizational change through a curriculum of continuing medical education, leadership development, physician-collegiality well-being activities and personal coaching.

Dr. Paolini’s Institute for Physician Integration provides consultation support for physicians – for both their personal well-being and professional development – and for medical staffs and healthcare systems across North and South America.

Dr. Paolini is a licensed psychologist, teacher, and author of Inside the Mind of a Physician, published in 2009 by the Florida Hospital Press. She has 30 years of experience in counseling and psychotherapy.

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